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My project started with the collection of donations of plants, clippings, pots, and soil, as well as greeting cards. I brought the plants and clippings home. I propagated the clippings and repotted and cared for the plants until they were full and pretty enough to deliver. I then distributed the plants and cards to vulnerable adults in my community, such as the elderly and disabled or people who may be home bound.  

If one had a neighbor, friend, or loved one they believed would like a plant and a card; some love and joy, from The Neighborhood Plant Project, I asked that they message me through my website. So most of my deliveries came from referrals and thus I developed a demographic through social media and community reputation. The project has received a tremendous amount of attention and gained so much traction, I will be establishing this business full time.

My vision is a brick and mortor space for the retail of plants and planting supplies, workshops, education, and community involvement.

The workshops present an opportunity for like-minded people to come together to learn about plants, repot their own plant, and take home a plant and a card to either keep for themselves or give as a gift. These will be fun, innovative, and creative workshops in a vibrant environment! The business also offers retail of plants and planting supplies along with the workshops.

Although I no longer accept donation of plants and planting supplies, a portion of the profits from retail and paid workshops goes to fund the continued delivery of plants and cards to the community with a focus on the vulnerable members and at-risk youth. 

I will be collaborating with other small businesses in Tacoma regarding the workshops. 

I have worked in Social Services most of my life and myself went through the foster system, so I understand the positive impact a business of this type can have for our community.



The Neighborhood Plant Project's vision is to establish itself as THE community touchstone; bringing people together through the power of plants! Providing a space for creativity and collaboration to combat loneliness and isolation.

The Neighborhood Plant Project's mission is to offer premium plants and services while bringing purpose, inspiration, and creativity to the public.

We value commitment to the community, bridging the gap, and bringing people together through creativity and inspiration.

The Neighborhood Plant Project LLC offers beautiful, premium plants and accessories at affordable prices. We bring people together through unique experiences. We do this by offering retail and workshops in a creative and vibrant environment and by showing kindness, love, and acceptance through giving and spreading joy to vulnerable people in our community.

We offer a vibrant atmosphere for like minded people to come together to learn about plants. Workshops will be held in a creative and inclusive environment, combating isolation and loneliness in the community.

Not only do we provide an environment where relationships are fostered, creativity is explored, and love is spread, we ensure the original mission of the the project by dedicating a portion of all sales toward the continued delivery of plants and cards to to the community with a focus on the vulnerable members and at-risk youth.


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Thanks for your interest in The Neighborhood Plant Project. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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