Frequently asked questions

What is The Neighborhood Plant Project?

My project started with the collection of donations of plants, clippings, pots, and soil, as well as greeting cards. I bring the plants and clippings home. I propagate the clippings and repot and care for the plants until they are full and pretty enough to deliver. I then distribute the plants and cards to vulnerable adults in my community, such as the elderly and disabled or people who may be homebound. If you have a neighbor, friend, or loved one you believe would like a plant and a card; some love and joy, from The Neighborhood Plant Project, I ask that you message me through my website.

How can I help?

I accept donations of plants. clipping, pots, and soil. I also accept monetary donations. If you would like to support The Neighborhood Plant Project, please contact me directly. I can pick up donations locally.

How do I refer a recipient?

If you have a fiend, neighbor, or loved one you believe would benefit from a plant and a card; some love and joy from The Neighborhood Plant Project, simply fill out the contact form on this site. Please add the first name and delivery address for the recipient. I schedule deliveries throughout the week. You can contact me directly to coordinate delivery as well.

Where is The Nighborhood Plant Project going?

My vision is a brick and mortar space offering retail of plants and accessories at affordable prices along with workshops and education. To provide premium, quality plants and accessories with 20% of all sales going toward funding the project. The workshops present an opportunity for like-minded people to come together to learn about plants, repot their own plant, and take home a plant and a card to either keep for themselves or give as a gift. These will be fun, innovative, and creative workshops in a vibrant environment! The business also offers retail of plants and planting supplies along with the workshops. A portion of the profits from retail and paid workshops goes to fund the continued delivery of plants and cards to the community with a focus on the vulnerable members and at-risk youth.