A lot of love💚💚💚

The Neighborhood Plant Project is booming and I wanted to say thank you again for all of the donations!! So much love!!

I am up to three shelf units full of plants and lots more clippings I am working on repotting. I have had donations of cards too!!

If you have a neighbor, friend, or loved one you believe would like a plant and a card; some love and joy, from The Neighborhood Plant Project please private message me. I really want to see these beautiful gifts go out the community.

There is no charge. This is a free project! Just my way of spreading some love and a little joy to those in the community who may be lonely, isolated, or home bound! These are such difficult times and I feel blessed to be able to spread some cheer, with your help.

So message me if you are interested and please visit my web site.

Thank you again to all of my lovely neighbors and friends who have participated in this project with me so far!

Love you all!💚

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