A shady environment with low light exposure is perfect for a button fern. Exposure to direct bright light can cause the entire foliage to turn brown. Button fern is acquainted with a moist environment. Tolerant of receiving heavy rainfalls in the wild, it enjoys constant watering, especially during dry seasons. When the temperature is low, you should water less frequently. Do not wait for the soil to dry completely before watering because it’s going to dehydrate your button fern. High humidity is favorable for most ferns including button fern. Keep in mind that providing high moisture level is one of the challenges you’ll have to face with this indoor plant. Misting is the simplest way of adding moisture to the air. Using a spray bottle, spray water all around the plants until it creates dew on the leaves.It’s good to do the misting in the morning to give enough time for water to evaporate. Wet foliage encourages the growth of fungus.