Oriental lilies are excellent flowers for growing indoors in flowerpots. They are also a cut flower of choice, making gorgeous flower arrangements. You can add some beautiful color and glorious fragrance to your home by growing Oriental lilies indoors. By growing flower bulbs indoors, you get to enjoy the feeling of summertime during the dull, cold winter months. When the weather is warmer outdoors, the bulbs can be transplanted to a garden. Lilies are easy-care. For reliable flowering, the plants require a site with six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day. Irrigation is perhaps the most important element of lily care. You should water them generously during their growth season, but even during winter, when they are dormant, the soil should be kept moist. They'll need feeding too. Use a high-potassium liquid fertilizer during spring and summer. Feed the bulbs every two weeks until six weeks after flowering.