Sansevieria likes light, with direct sun for 6 to 8 hours a day outdoors and bright indirect light indoors. Whether indoors or out, provide protection from very hot, afternoon sun, whether by placing in a more shady location outdoors or moving the plant to a shaded window indoors. That said, the plant is tolerant of some shade, too. With full sun outdoors, the plant's colors become more intense, and it blooms more profusely. Because snake plant grows naturally in dry soil, it doesn't need a lot of water. Give your indoor plant medium levels of water, watering only when the soil has dried out completely; this may be weekly if the room gets very warm or if it's outdoors in hot, summer temperatures. In winter, water less often either outdoors or in. When watering, pour the water directly on the soil around the base of the plant instead of in the center of the plant itself.